Lutron Three Way Switch Wiring Diagram

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Lutron Three Way Switch Wiring Diagram - Lutron ®. ™? 1 † †-† † FASS – B.. This is really a three way switch that can also be used as a single pole (meaning as a switch by itself instead of 2 switches on the same circuit in different parts of the room).. 3Way Dimmers and 3Way Light Switches Electrical Question: How are 3-way switches wired? I have a rotary dimmer switch that I am making a regular three way switch with 12 gauge wiring..

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3 way switch install. However on each 3-way switch, you have a black screw, this is the special one. On the power coming in from the panel, you would connect that black wire to the one black screw.. line-switch-load-switch-1 If your wiring is like the diagram below, you can wire your smart switch in the box with line. Having additional lights wired in parallel will not change the wiring below.. This can be wired super easy Based on the diagram in your first post, you just need 1nr Fibaro dimmer 2 module in the left hand switch box and 3nr cheap (dumb) momentary switches.

If the switch can be used for either a single-pole or three-way, there may be an extra screw so make sure to look at the wiring diagram. (In this case it was covered by tape so it was very clear.

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