Door Lock Relay Wire Diagram

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Door Lock Relay Wire Diagram - 5 Wire Door Lock Relay Diagram . Inspirational 5 Wire Door Lock Relay Diagram . 5 Wire Relay Wiring Diagram. 22.02.2009  · so i wake up and my door locks are going crazy! they just keep unlocking. i searched the forum and someone said the relay was in the back cargo area. This electronic door lock has a remarkable conception because it uses only one active component. How does it work? To put the relay in tension the 4 buttons S1 – S4 must be pressed..

6 - WIRING INSTRUCTIONS— Magnetic lock or fail safe strike with button, keypad, maintained button and remote receiver. wired in series Power Supply for fail safe strikes and magnetic locks should be DC.. Car Alarm - Door Lock Wiring. 3-Wire Door Locks. 3-wire door locks can be either positive (diagram below), or negative. There is either a constant ground or positive wire that makes contact with either the lock or unlock wire when the switch is pushed.. 02.01.2017  · If you have a lock/unlock button on the driver's door, the wires that hook to it run through a rubber boot at the door hinge area, and flex each time the door moves. A cracked wire can cause this, as can a bad door lock relay..

Wiring diagram for mag lock . Commax double door wiring Diagram . common wiring diagrams . common wiring diagrams mag lock wiring diagrams . chexit wiring diagram . lever locks for fire doors . emergency release tool . two single doors with panic bars. Mitchell1's Wiring Diagrams. Mitchell1(R) obtains wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins, containing wiring diagram changes, from the domestic and import manufacturers.. 1998 System Wiring Diagrams Volkswagen - Passat AIR CONDITIONING Air Conditioning Circuits, Auto A/C (1 of 2) Air Conditioning Circuits, Auto A/C (2 of 2) Air Conditioning Circuits, Manual A/C ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Anti-lock Brake Circuits, W/ Traction Control. Anti-lock Brake Circuits, W/O Traction Control ANTI-THEFT. Anti-theft Circuit, W/ Blue Illuminated I/P (1 of 2) Anti-theft Circuit, W.

04.09.2012  · The tan and gray wire pairs in each door are the door lock motors (actuators). The light blue, orange/black and black/white wires connect to the door lock switches (orange/black is battery power from the fuse block - ground is supplied through the mounting of the relay to body sheetmetal)..

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