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Door Lock Relay Wire Diagram - 5 Wire Relay Wiring Diagram For Door Lock - Fritzing is a well-liked open-source software program designed to help you create electronics prototypes. It uses a visual way in to permit you to be next to components to Arduino using a virtual breadboard, and even provides ways to design a PCB.. 3. green wire (-): to connect to "lock" truck wire. My module came with door lock relay wiring diagrams (see attached), can you tell me which one i should use for my truck: 1. 5 wire/reverse Polarity type door locks. 2. negative type door locks 250ma 3. negative type door locks (more than 250ma) 4. Positive type door locks 5. vacuum type door. Siren and Starter Kill relay optional DOOR LOCK DIAGRAMS +12V Master Door Lock Switch X X Splice Splice Cut the Existing Lock Wire To Door30 Lock85 To Slave DoorBlue Wire Motor Lock switches Cut the Existing 3 Pin Plug Unlock Wire To Alarm 5-WIRE ALTERNATING DOOR LOCK 30 86 87a 85 87 86 87 87a +12V Green Wire.

First of all thank you so much for your donation.I emailed you the trouble tree for door lock relay click's but door lock's are inop.I also emailed you the wire diagram for your door lock relay's. It say's to check the light blue and the black wire's from switch to the relay.. Relay 1 & 2 is for door unlock function and relay 3 is for child safety unlock function The Brown/Yellow, Gray and White/Dark Blue stripe that go to the plug on the door latch must be cut and relay is installed between the cut wires. Both lock actuators share the Brown/Yellow wire for +12v unlock functions. Relays 2 & 3 provide ground.. Universal Power Door Lock 2 Wire Actuator Kit Also you might wanna buy an extra one just to have a back up. By the way, if any of you need the wiring diagram using relays please ask me. No charge: hit me up via email on [email protected] I will respond promise. Read more. 8.

Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: Instrument cluster, Pre excitation resistor, Digital clock, Cigarette lighter, ATM key lock control module, Steering angle sensor, Cluster, Wiper Relay, Wiper Motor, Multifunction switch, Sunroof, Rain sensor, Seat warmer relay, BCM, Spare Fuse, Head Lamp RH, Rear Combination lamp RH, License lamp, DRL control. Here is a copy of the wiring diagram for 87 Ranger and Bronco II. voltmeter and check for voltage on the Black with White wire coming from the starting solenoid and at the door lock relay packs. You should have 12 Volts at both locations. 3. Turn the ignition key to on.. Attach the Door Popper’s Unlock Motor cable Red wire to the wire coming from the Switch. If this is not done properly the Door Poppers Unlock Motor Fuse may blow. Some vehicles use and electronic Lock/Unlock system that requires an additional Relay..

Wiring 97 Wiring Diagram Type 928 S Model 87 PAGE 1 PAGE 2 PAGE 3 PAGE 4 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 PAGE 7 PAGE 8 PAGE 9 PAGE 10 Each individual wiring diagram comprises a part of the central electrical system _I DOOR LOCK LAMPLEFT ! 1-1-1 i t, i* 2: ac P 2 .I : L. I7 a( 2 2 d m. UNDERSTANDING TOYOTA WIRING DIAGRAMS WORKSHEET #1 1. Describe the meaning of the "C13" in the diagram component Q. 2. Describe the meaning of the "G-W" in diagram component R. 3. Describe the meaning of the "2" in diagram component S. 4. Describe the meaning of the "S/D" in diagram component T. 5. Describe and identify the diagram component U. 6.. Request To Exit Wiring Diagram Switch Wiring Diagram Humidistat Wiring-Diagram Thermostat Wiring Diagram Access Control Door Diagram Relay Wiring Diagram House Wiring Door Alarm Contact Wiring-Diagram Magnetic Lock Wiring Diagram Chevy Truck Wiring Diagram Light Wiring Diagram Wiring diagram is a technique of describing the configuration of.

The wiring diagrams are grouped into individual sections. If a component is most likely found in a par-ticular group, it will be shown complete (all wires, connectors, and pins) within that group. For exam-ple, the Auto Shutdown Relay is most likely to be found in Group 30, so it is shown there complete. It. Does you BMW E46 have door lock problem. Check out my web site. Updated November 28, 2016. Below is a BMW General Module 5 (aka ZKE5 and GM5) I have gone through the wiring diagrams and compiled this list of connections to the module..

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